Me - Jasper Juhasz

Here I have a short presentation of mine. 
Of course i added in that PPP my interests, hobbies, my lifestyle and also the parts of my personality.

Jasper Juhasz

SGB - SunGlassesBoy

LGF - Le Gar Formidable

Moroccon semi-desert

In Venice

Ich am Longboarden

About me

The story of my activities is pretty diverse . While summer , I really like to play soccer and use my longboard . But while winter I sit often at my table and surf the internet . By the way - I play videogames and always liked to get in these unreal worlds and characters . 

My personality 

In the past years, I recognized many and then many more times , how big the importance of a good education is for my future. 
That's why I work really hard for school and have my goals always in front of my eyes . 
My big goal is the intrance to join the bilingual program at our school . I reached that goal. 
There the teachers are teaching the students at the half of all subjects in english .  

> The biligual education

Meet me

My favourite activities 

Since the beginning of working at the computer, I liked to play with it's different options and possibilities and also liked to organise events or private projects . Also another favourite activity is doing PE . Hobbylevel alike I really enjoy kicking the soccerball . The freedom inspires me . 


When and whereever I can travel to , I am highly excited to increase my horizon. I love to travel to new, foreign and not yet from me discovered countries and have a look at their own states , cultures and attractions . There are so many different and misty locations on this earth , which are here to be discovered! 

My absolutly favourite destinations , which I visited yet are : 

  1. Florida ( America ) 
  2. Île de France ( -Paris / France ) 
  3. Shanghai ( China ) 

Excursions to very interesting locations

In Florida with the original ,, back to the future ''-car

Jasper on the Champs - Élysées in Paris

Me and the skyline of Shanghai in China

SGB - SunGlassesBoy

I am on social, but also daily levels known as the_real_sunglassesboy. 
But why ? This story began during homeschooling 2020, when our class was having online-education per zoom etc. At almost every meeting I put my sunglasses consecutively on !

Until today ( and surely for all future ) I love to wear my sunglasses. If Before or after a lesson, during break, on excursions or simply on walkings, I wear them with much pleasure ! And I keep wearing them.  

You can also find me(name: @the_real_sunglassesboy) on Instagram ! There I present and show you my adventures as the sunglassesboy. 

I really believe in my own individuality.

Typical Instagram - post from @the_real_sunglassesboy

I made it to Hollywood!

Instagram post

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